The policies are a guide and are in place to protect everyone using the facilities. Users include: childminders, parents, carers, children, students and visitors.

Why have the policies been written

Some of the policies have to be in place to meet registration requirements and insurance purposes, e.g. Safeguarding children, suitable person, Health and Safety etc. Others have been written to meet the needs of our childminding service. Regardless of the reasons for raising polices detailed within this document, all have been written to clarify practice and to contribute to the efficiency of the running of our setting.

The childminders, parents, children, students and visitors are expected to abide by the policies at all times, where appropriate, must sign a declaration agreeing to accept contents of the documents. New parents will be given a copy of our policies and procedures before their children attend our setting these documents will be discussed with you in detail. A signed declaration agreeing to accept the policies include can be found at the back of our parents policy book, which should be signed when your child starts our setting.

See below a full list of our policies we have in place.

Policies and Procedure

We have the following policies and procedures in place, for the protection and safety of the children, you as parents and ourselves: